About Tanee
TANEE CHEMICAL LTD., is a pre-eminent corporation in the field of functionality chemicals, covering the area of petrochemical, pharmaceutical and coating industries.
TANEE CHEMICAL LTD., established in 2000, is engaged in lubricant additives industry with a brand named TANEE. The main products are EPM, high temperature anti-oxidant, Dialkyl Di Phenylamine, Dialkyldithiocarbamate (Methylene bis) and organic Molybdenum Compound, which are used in blending high grade lubricating oil.
As the largest lubricant additive manufacturer and exporter in China, we export more than 6000 MT products to USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia with competitive prices and outstanding after- sale services every year.
As an international chemical product manufacturer and trading company, TANEE CHEMICAL LTD. takes the ideals of 3S (Sincerity, Solicitude and Science) and has grown to be an influential company In chemical area.
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